What is Feebuster about? What is your vision?

We're a friendly bunch who want to help individuals and businesses to manage their subscriptions, and to find subscriptions that offer good value for money. The marketplace for online subscriptions is growing very fast, especially in the UK. With more choice and less time, consumers love the convenience of the subscription economy. Due to the increasing number of subscriptions per capita, consumers tend to forget about what they have subscribed to, either wasting money on no longer wanted services and products, or missing out on better value offers. At Feebuster, we believe that by creating a community of subscribers, we can become the go-to place for subscription services to offer their best deals. 

What do you offer?

We have a web-based solution and an app that enables individuals and businesses to manage their online subscriptions. Our users have access to a dashboard where they can view their spending (divided into categories of subscriptions), see when the next payments are due, cancel no longer wanted subscriptions via the web or mobile app, and receive better value deals based on their preferences.

Are you live yet?

We are currently live for beta testers. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, email us contact@feebuster.co or download the mobile app now. You’ll receive a notification when we go live.

Is it safe to give you permission to access my bank account data?

It is safe for you to provide us with access to your transaction details. We work with a reputable third party (TrueLayer) which is fully compliant with UK and EU regulations. We work actively to be fully regulated by FCA as well. 

What data do you keep on your server/platform?

We keep only data of transaction history from your main account and credit cards which are related to your recurring expenses. 

What will you know about me and where is my personal data kept?

We use the Firebase authentication cloud solution to store your personal information, such as email address, password, name, etc. All data is encrypted and connections between servers use SSL protocol. Personal and financial data is stored in databases based in the EU.

What do I need to do to become a tester?

You can download the app from Google Play or App Store or send us an email on address contact@feebuster.co with information about your recurring expenses.

What will I be able to do during the beta testing phase?

You can use the 'mock bank' from the list of banks as a demo to check how our app works. During beta testing, we also allow integration with your existing bank and the app can detect subscriptions and regular payments. We will be very grateful if you provide us with feedback about the dashboard and the usability of the app.

When will I be able to cancel my subscriptions using your app?

We aim to go live with the cancel feature before the end of 2018.

Are you a registered company? Are you licensed with the FCA?

We are actively working to operate under license from our open bank API provider or be regulated by FCA.

Do you use third parties and where are they based?

We are integrated with TrueLayer API and all financial data is fetched from your bank by this third party. Financial data is kept in Amazon databases based in the EU.