One app to manage all your subscriptions

Are you paying for no longer wanted subscriptions? Would you like to cancel any service with a single click?

If the answer is YES then you are one of 80% of UK subscribers who are facing the same problem.

Integration with your Bank

Our personal finance management system helps you identify your spend, cancel no longer wanted or forgotten subscriptions.

Feebuster will also show you saving opportunities based on your preferences.

Easy Tracking of Your Spend

Identifies all your subscriptions and displays them in one place, to make it easy for you to see.

You will never be surprised by unexpected payments and you will get back control of where your money goes. And if you want to cancel a subscription, you will be able to do it from your personal dashboard, easy!

Best Subscription Deals

We will show you the best available deals from our partners, based on your preferences.

Our analytics solution will compare your existing subscription with same value services, to save you time and money.


The app can display your regular spend from the last 3 months by integratiNG with your bank account.

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