Payment app to manage all your subscriptions

Are you paying for unused subscriptions? Would you like to cancel any service you no longer need with a single click?

If you answered YES then you are one of 80% of all subscribers who are facing the same problem.

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One Payment Account

Our payment system helps you identify saving opportunities in a safe way on online payments for SaaS from one account.

You will know how much and when you spend on online payments. We can help you control budget and let you know how much do you need for future payments.

Simple Tracking of Spending

You are up-to-date with each payment by real-time spending notifications, which inform you if a related payment is for an unused subscription or if the subscription price was raised.

You will never be surprised by unexpected payments and you will get back full control of your money.

Easy Subscription Control

Feebuster app enables generate virtual payment card for each online service and SaaS.

You can cancel a subscription by just suspending or deleting a related virtual card. Also the transaction history will give you full spending transparency and information about remaining payments.

Hot Deals & Optimizing Costs

We will give you the opportunity to get vendor hot deals up to 40% discount based on the comparable online services.

Our analytics solution will suggest comparable services and will help to cut the hassle and the spending by up to 30% on subscription/online services (SaaS).

Payment for SaaS by One Click

We simplified the payment process for SaaS. You don't need to add your payment card details directly into your SaaS platform account.

When you select interesting SaaS and click on the pay button, we will add your card details automatically and link to your account in our payment system.

Check your regular spendings

The app can display your regular spendings from the last 3 months by integration with your existing bank account.

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